Support the Emergency Squad

As a non-profit, volunteer organization, managing our funds is extremely important. While many non-profit programs spend thousands of dollars on administrative salaries, we spend none. No one on the Squad has ever received a paycheck and no one in our community has ever received a bill. Everything we do is free.

As the front line of community caregiving, the Emergency Squad provides more than basic life support emergency care, we provide a hand to hold when the patient is scared and a shoulder to lean on for the worried spouse. Our volunteers are not just extremely well-trained, they are compassionate and caring individuals who love what they do.

Won’t you help us continue our mission of community care in Sun City Center?

The SCC Emergency Squad depends on gifts and donations of all types to support their mission of providing to the greater Sun City Center community. We need your help and donations to continue with this care.

Donate Tax-Deductible Monetary Gifts
Donate In-Kind Gifts of Goods and Services
Donate Your Time

Each year Emergency Squad volunteers “gift” the community with services valued at more than two million dollars. This is based on the more than 100,000 hours (conservative estimate by all means) of volunteers helping their neighbors.

The two million dollar value is based on the value of a volunteer hour as determined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor. In 2013 the value of a volunteer hour in Florida was $21.24 per hour. Based on that number and the number of hours that the Emergency Squad volunteers provide annually, the Squad contributes well over $2 million in services.

While we have enjoyed the support of the community, the economic depression of the last decade has had a particularly hard impact on our seniors, most of whom are on a fixed income come. This has resulted in fewer and smaller donations than in the past. Our annual operating budget generally runs around $500,000. The cost of each ambulance run is in excess of $75, which includes, insurance, gasoline and vehicle maintenance.

Monetary Gifts

Monetary gifts provide 100% of the Squad’s budget. Help support the Squad in the Sun City Center Community
Your gift of any amount is appreciated and used

To donate, mail your check to:

Sun City Center Emergency Squad
720 Ray Watson Drive
Sun City Center, FL 33573

If you want your credit card donation to be a memorial, please send the name of the deceased plus the name and address of a relative to be notified of your thoughtfulness to

Or drop your donation at the Squad headquarters .

Donations to the Sun City Center Emergency Squad are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. A tax receipt is provided for each donation .

Gifts of Equipment

The Emergency Squad accepts gifts of mobility equipment to support our Equipment Loan program.
Used wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and canes, in good shape and working order are accepted at the Squad during business hours of 8 am to 5 pm.

Thank you for your generosity!

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