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If you are new to the community, please stop by the Squad and get to know us. Our Station is located at 720 Ray Watson Drive and our office hours are 8am to 5pm. Our ambulance service is a 24-hour service.

We Need YouBlood Pressure Checks
Our front office is open from 8am to 5pm and our front desk staff will be happy to take your blood pressure and record it for you to keep. Many of our local residents stop by several mornings a week to get their blood pressure checked.

Key Locator Information
The Squad maintains a key locator system which tells emergency responders who has a key to your house to help us access to your home should you be unable to open the door. Key location information (the name and contact information for a friend or neighbor who has a copy of your key) is particularly important if you live alone.

Fill out a key locator information card and we keep the information in a secure database for access only in the case of an emergency and we are called to your home and cannot get in to assist you.

Vial of Life
Pick up a “Vial of Life” at the front desk during business hours at our main building on Ray Watson Drive. This “pill bottle” contains forms for your pertinent medical information about you and the medications you use. Fill out the forms and place the vial in the door of your refrigerator where it is easily accessible to emergency medical personnel.

Loaner Closet
The Squad is the recipient of many donated wheelchairs and walkers. While some of them need refurbishing, others are practically brand new. We loan wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and canes to folks who need them, free of charge.

Sun City Center Emergency Squad

I am interested in discussing volunteer opportunities at the Emergency Squad. Please contact me.

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